Painting with Wyland 

Today Dylan met Wyland. He was nervous and excited but that all went away the moment they shook hands and said hello.  Wyland began to paint a manatee then handed the brush to Dylan.  The painting is beautiful! Seeing Dylan’s signature next to Wyland’s … Priceless.



MOTE Marine Lab

IMG_6667IMG_6477Kat (far left) and crew with Dylan before the tour.  Dylan was happy that the Manatee Nebula has a new home with these ladies.



Feeding Hugh and Buffet a snack of kale, sweet potatoes and apple slices.  For the first time in his life, Dylan tried kale!  He said he wanted to enjoy “the whole experience.”

Dr. Gordon Bauer gave Dylan a very informative tour of the marine lab.

More details coming soon…