The Unknown



Big News!

Dyl’s Musical Cubism will be on display at Mr. Musichead in Los Angeles, California in March. There will be over 20 artists’ work on exhibit who are all on the autism spectrum, Dyl is the youngest participant. If you are in the LA area March 23, the artist reception is from 5-8pm.

Thanks to Debbie Hosseini and The Art of Autism for noticing this boy’s talent and including his art in the display. To see more artists on the spectrum showcase their musical art please visit The Art of Autism


Becoming Van Gogh in Denver

We had a fun and freezing time in Colorado this weekend! The Denver Art Museum showcased Dylan’s favorite artist from October until January, so of course we had to go. He says he feels inspired and ready to begin a masterpiece that will amaze everyone. Dyl’s favorite pieces included Grass and Butterflies and Mother Roulin with Her Baby.

The DAM has an area for young painters to experiment with color, ask a professional artist questions and read art books. Dylan sat down with paper, brushes, and the primary colors immediately. Much like Van Gogh, Dyl has an uncanny ability to mix colors that are pleasing to the eye.