Jello Mold


This week the art class learned about artist Thiebaud. This is Dyl’s vision… He says he would never eat a Jello mold but thought it would be fun to paint one.


Fantasia Guardians


Dylan has always loved Sorcerer Mickey and the movie Fantasia. He says that the music speaks to him and helps relax his body so that he can create masterpieces! This painting is number two in a series of four that he is working on this week. Enjoy!

Work in progress


In May, Dylan’s favorite pieces (and a few new ones) will be on display locally at Autism Communication Consultants. He’s so excited to be a part of their open house that he’s been busy painting every free minute. As usual, we cannot wait to see what Dylan has created.

The Art Show Was A Success!


Thank you once again to The Art of Autism for including Dyl in this exhibit. We were happy to see so many people supporting these artists. Dyl is thankful for the support his family and friends continue to give him as he grows as an artist. Stay tuned for more opportunities to see Dyl’s work on display.