Dylan is a talented and energetic young man with Autism.  He is doing exceptionally well in his school.  He attends a private school for children with learning difficulties, most of whom have above average intelligence and abilities but are not thriving in conventional school settings.  Dylan excels at mathematics, history and geography.  He is on the honor roll in mathematics at Kumon Enrichment Center and recently completed the reading program with honors.  Dylan has a quick wit and a spontaneous sense of humor.

Dylan has an amazing memory and remarkable attention to detail.  His talent for art and drawing was evident at a young age when he produced immaculate cartoons.  His first attempts at structured art class were a dismal failure as the instructor wanted pages of orderly straight lines and circles reproduced (something Dylan can easily do, but is not challenged by).   His current art instructor recognizes Dylan’s abilities and teaches him in a nurturing and encouraging manner.  He has learned an amazing amount about different media, styles and form from her.  Art is very important to Dylan because he has difficulties verbalizing emotions and feelings, art has always been an effective way for him to convey information and thoughts.  Art serves as unobstructed communication for Dylan.




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