The Jump



Perfect spot to burn energy

Tonight Dylan discovered the Ninja Park.  He was apprehensive at first but upon entering the gym he was no longer nervous.  “I thought I was going to have to wear a ninja outfit,” he said.  It turns out that the co-owner of the gym is the older brother of one of Dyl’s old schoolmates.  His whole body relaxed as he contemplated his first obstacle.  During the session he tried the jumping spider, rope junction, ring junction and parallel bars.   Watch out… We might just have a Ninja Warrior in the making!  

Blueprint of a Hammerhead Headed to the Ocean

Dylan has one thing on his mind today and that’s the ocean.  Since we are surrounded by the desert, painting sharks and waterfalls is as close as he can get for now.    

Inspired to use the knifeĀ 

This week Dylan had the pleasure of meeting Michael Tolleson, an autistic savant artist based in Kent, Washington.  Michael was in Santa Fe for the Kentucky Derby Day fundraiser benefitting Habitat for Humanity.  Dylan spent some quality time with Michael asking questions about his craft and how he sees the colors that he puts on the canvas.  

Dylan was intrigued by Michael’s use of a palette knife to paint and how quickly he produces his masterpieces. Thank you Michael!  We hope our paths cross again soon.