Sea Turtle Vans

Thanks to everyone who has liked, shared and expressed interest in purchasing the “sea turtle Vans”.  These shoes are a unique original piece of work that Dylan created expressly for his mother.  He likes to create art that he is passionate about and rarely, if ever, repeats a painting.   We contacted Vans to request permission to post a photo of these shoes on the local Vans store photo screen.  Vans expressed some interest in Dylan’s story and the shoes. We are waiting to hear what they have in mind.  Dylan would be thrilled if Vans might consider doing a limited edition of this shoe to benefit sea turtle conservation.  Then all of you that want them could have them (in your size too).
Many of Dylan’s other works are for sale (use the contact link if you see something you like).


Sea Turtle Vans

Dylan’s turtle shoes were inspired by Julie Suess Photography.  He loves her turtles and watches the videos over and over.    


This was posted today on Facebook:   

Time for SCUBA

Dylan had an amazing time learning about and trying SCUBA this weekend.  Of course Dylan took to it like a fish to water!

Thank you to the Cody Unser First Step Foundation and UNM for providing Dylan the opportunity  to discover SCUBA. He is already researching the best location to get certified!

Cody Unser First Step Foundation on Facebook



Here is the black-bellied whistling duck entered in the Junior Federal Duck Stamp art competition.   Dylan received first place for his age group (10-12 grades). 

Thank you Valle de Oro and Jennifer Owen-Smith for sponsoring the duck stamp competition again this year.