Watercolor Wonder


Dyl has been very busy building Legos the last few days. Today he decided to take a break to paint the Northern Lights and an Island in the Sun.



Squagger of the Month

Sara Winter at Squag chose Dyl to be the Squagger of the month for December!  See the article here Squagger of the month

“The SquagTM blog is a place to come and read about new ideas in ASD that relate to health + home life, school + sports, love + friendship, and the opportunity to be creatively fulfilled. Our experts are parents, professionals, and kids that speak their mind and always – always challenge us to think twice before defining the word autism,” Squag.com

Please check out their website and Facebook page.  Squag

Plankton’s Family – Quick Sketches


Dyl loves Spongebob! He knows every detail about every episode. While watching the show he randomly sketches. There is a very large pile of pictures on his table that we plan to share. Stay tuned.

This is from the newest episode. And already spoken for…



Dyl looks through random papers and magazines for inspiration. He picked this one because he is studying space and the planets in school right now.  The original was painted by Charles Schulz.