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Multiple ASP World Tour Surfing Champion Kelly Slater!



Paint for Peaks Art Auction


Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico hosted the Paint for Peaks Art Auction to benefit breast cancer awareness February 21, 2015. Dylan and nineteen other artists from New Mexico with a wide variety of styles painted K2 snowboards. Dylan’s painting drew a lot of attention and raised quite a bit of money. He met some very talented artists and had a great time.

Walking with Sea Turtles into the Ocean

Dylan’s inspiration for this snowboard creation is the hatching of turtles and their journey across the beach to the sea to become some of the ocean’s most graceful and adventurous swimmers. Dylan hopes to bring attention to the beauty of sea turtles and awareness of their endangered status.





Congratulations, Dylan!

Taos Ski Valley : Breast Cancer Awareness Day : February 27, 2016

10922271_941563845883742_4894879585181848940_o Dylan Zinn: “Boats on the Beach” & “Quail Encounter”

The 2015 Paint for Peaks Art Auction artist lineup is set! We want to welcome and congratulate Dylan Zinn, 15 year old from Albuquerque, on securing the final artist spot after winning the public voting contest. Dylan will join a decorated group of artists in this year’s Paint for Peaks.

Dylan is a talented and energetic fifteen year old with Autism. He is a gifted student with a quick wit and a spontaneous sense of humor. He loves sea creatures and fish of all varieties and hopes to study marine biology.  Dylan has an amazing memory and remarkable attention to detail.

Dylan’s talent for art and drawing was evident at a young age when he produced immaculate cartoons. His first attempts at structured art class were a dismal failure as the instructor wanted pages of orderly straight lines and circles reproduced (something…

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