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Laysan Duck 

Dylan received first place for the 2016-2017 Junior Federal Duck Stamp Competition. Thank you to the Valle de Oro and Friends of the Valle de Oro for putting together a great event. 


Here is the black-bellied whistling duck entered in the Junior Federal Duck Stamp art competition.   Dylan received first place for his age group (10-12 grades). 

Thank you Valle de Oro and Jennifer Owen-Smith for sponsoring the duck stamp competition again this year. 



Blue Beak in Flight – Best in Show New Mexico

Update: Dylan won first place in his age group and overall Best in Show.  His Ruddy Duck will be judged on the national level April 17.  For the next year, Blue Beak in Flight will travel the United States with all of the best in show winners from the other 49 states and territories.  

This acrylic painting of a Ruddy Duck is going to be submitted for the Junior Federal Duck Stamp competition.  Dylan really enjoyed learning about the duck and its habitat.  His conservation message, “Preserving the beauty of waterfowl and their habitat is a reflection of humanity’s soul.”

Latest Art Project

Dyl will enter the Federal Stamp Competition with his painting of a Mallard.  If you are in town, please stop by and say hello.  Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

We will post his painting after the winners have been notified.