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Dylan was contacted by Nupur Chokshi, the founder of Special Children’s Art Display (SCAD), to be featured on their online website and social media outlets after learning about his art and passion for the ocean.  SCAD is an online community which focuses on creativity, expression, and inspiration for special needs children/artists. Motivating kids, parents and other artist by inspirational interviews and creative work.  

A gifted autistic artist inspiring us with a strong message – Don’t take no for an answer

With modern communication gadgets, art is still the best communication tool. A single image can deliver emotions and feelings that can touch the heart which a thousand words can fail to do. A young gifted boy uses basic and simple yet powerful tool “Art” for expressing his feelings which he finds hard to express verbally. Dylan is a good artist and excels at school. He is on the honor roll in mathematics and completed the reading program with honors at Kumon Enrichment Center. We want to congratulate Dylan and his mom Shara(S) for all his achievements.

The interview with Dylan Zinn was conducted by Special Children’s Art Display in March 2016

: How did you learn to draw? At what age did you start drawing?
D: I just picked up a crayon and drew pictures that were really good at age 4.
S: Dylan didn’t talk too much but he could draw what he was feeling and thinking.

: What is your favorite art creation so far and why?
D: I really like Van Gogh and his brush strokes. Starry Night is my favorite painting to look at. My best painting is the Boats on a Beach, it won some awards.

: Tell us your experience meeting with Jim Cummings at Comic-Con?
D: Jim was very nice and he spoke like Tigger for me and my brother.

: Who is your favorite artist? Which of his/her artwork do you like the most?
D: Van Gogh’s Butterflies and Grass

: What do you like to do for fun?
D: I go to Ninja Park, it’s like American Ninja Warrior. I also like to Kayak and draw whenever I have free time.

: What are your other hobbies?
D: I like to learn about marine life. I paint and draw.
S: Dylan is also enrolled in Kumon math enrichment. This May he will be the first person to complete both their math and reading programs at this Kumon site.

: What is your favorite place to visit?
D: Aquariums and the ocean

: What do you like to do when you are with your family?
D: I like going on vacations. We also kayak together which is a lot of fun.

: What is your favorite food?
D: I like steak, chicken, Doritos and vanilla ice cream.

: Any special message for our community?
D: Keep learning, everyday. Try something even if you are nervous about it. Don’t take no for an answer.

Dylan Interview   Gallery


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