Walking with Sea Turtles into the Ocean

Dylan’s inspiration for this snowboard creation is the hatching of turtles and their journey across the beach to the sea to become some of the ocean’s most graceful and adventurous swimmers. Dylan hopes to bring attention to the beauty of sea turtles and awareness of their endangered status.






4 responses to “Walking with Sea Turtles into the Ocean

  1. Dear Dylan,
    This is brilliant! I love that you put such a painting on a snowboard. There is so much depth literally and figuratively. Keep up the great work!
    With love,

  2. This is beautiful Dylan! If I bid/won it, I would string sea shells thru the holes and hang it on my wall. You definitely have a gift that the world is being blessed with. Keep it up, I love seeing your work!
    Kellie Tomlin

  3. Dylan,
    This is beautiful and inspiring. My little Tadeo Turtle would love this. The sea turtle is a cousin of the painted turtle. I have seen videos of the sea turtles hatching with people on the sidelines making sure as many as possible get to the water. I love your footprints in the sand. They remind me that we must help the turtles. Blessings, Janis

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